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Foam Products design and manufacture packaging and components for a number of different sectors, all our products are tailored specifically to our customers brief to ensure the perfect solution.

Explore the product specific sectors below to get an idea for the kinds of product we manufacture. Hopefully it will show you what we can offer your business and how expanded foam can be used for numerous applications.



With the right packaging breakages and return rates can be reduced resulting in a significant cost savings. Relax in the knowledge that your valuable appliances are well protected in storage, during warehouse handling and while on the road out for delivery.
Moulded Foam for Appliances: Refrigeration Components – Boiler Packs – Cooker Packs

Automotive Components


Expanded foam is chosen for the Automotive Industry for improving fuel economy and reducing vehicle emissions. Offers multi impact protection for passenger safety.
Moulded Foam for Automotive: Impact Protection – Seating – Roof Liners

EPP Packaging

Automotive Dunnage

Black EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) is used widely as a packaging material in the automotive industry to prevent the damage of decorative components occurring in the supply chain.
Returnable Transit Packaging: Foam Dunnage – Pallet Systems – Rigid Plastic Dunnage



Expanded foam has load bearing structural support and a high strength to weight ratio. Excellent insulation offers better energy efficiency than conventional construction materials.
Moulded Foams in Construction: Acoustic Tiles – Door Panels – Flooring Systems – ICFs

Branded Consumer Products

Consumer Products

The durability and range of properties offered by our expanded foam materials means you can mould in many shapes to suit many applications, even complicated products with moving parts can be moulded.

Moulded Foam for Consumer Products: – Gardening Products – Bee Hives



The insulation properties of expanded foam keeps plant roots warm and protected. An ideal material for seed trays and plant pots which can also be environmentally recycled.
Moulded Foam for Horticulture: Compost Bins – Gardening Products – Bee Hives

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning


Expanded foam is used in domestic and industrial component casings to control mechanism noise and weight and to reduce assembly costs.
Moulded Foam for HVAC: Air Conditioning – Heat Exchangers



Packaging solutions for the medical, clinical research, pharmaceutical and biotech industries designed to eliminate concerns associated with the transit of temperature sensitive specimens. Mould Foams for Pharmaceutical: Vial Tray Pack

Polystyrene Block

Polystyrene Block

Expanded Polystyrene and Expanded Polypropylene have a combination of unique material properties which make them ideal numerous applications.

Purchase block and other general packaging products from our polystyreneblock.co.uk website.


Temperature Controlled Packaging

We mould a huge variety of polystyrene boxes that are used throughout the food industry for keeping food fresh while in storage and transit from A to B.

You can buy all these boxes online via our jbpackaging.co.uk website.