The insulating and thermal properties of expanded foam make our materials a first choice for internal fridge components or any product that deals with temperature.

Fosters Refrigeration – Commercial fridge

  • Foam Components to replace aluminium to reduce weight
  • Enhanced thermal properties
  • Weight evenly spread
  • Acoustic sound deadening

Good example of insert moulding. 4 tools plus 2 vac forming. Foam components manufactured in Neopor material to achieve optimum insulation.

Boiler Packs

A boiler is a high value product that nowadays we can’t do without. They need a functional robust pack that will not only keep the boiler secure in transit but a pack that can absorb any knocks or bashes during warehouse handling along the way.

Vaillant Boiler Pack – Top & Base

  • Dual density part to prevent strapping cutting into pack
  • Recesses moulded in to accommodate install instructions and manual
  • Void moulded into top to house lose parts and extra paperwork

Cooker Packs

Cookers are normally very large and heavy items to pack which is why they often use a number of different integrated packaging materials to provide the best possible protection. With the future and costs in mind packs can be designed in such a way so they’re easily adaptable for new models.

The pack consists of an EPS top, base, front buffer and side panels, edge-guard and corrugated top cap and base tray that is shrink-wrapped for despatch.

  • Universal pack that covers 5 cooker styles
  • One multi cooker pack created annual cost savings over £100,000
  • Cleverly designed cavities in the top moulding eliminate the requirement for individual packaging components for accessories.
Rangemaster Cooker Transit Pack Starpack Gold Award Winner