Moulded Foam Dunnage

Dunnage and material handling is a crucial part of the automotive supply chain to ensure high value component parts are protected in transit across warehouses or even continents. Most dunnage can be used for the lifetime of production and recycled for future use.

Accredited to ISO/TS1649

Our expertise can help in the design of an application-specific handling system to keep parts secure and protected. Accredited to ISO/TS16949, DS Smith Foam Products are committed towards continued improvement in working practise and product quality.

Reduce Costly Damages

DS Smith Foam Products manufactures custom designed dunnage solutions for some of the world’s biggest car manufacturers. Designed to meet the highest quality standards, dunnage protects valuable automotive components such as vehicle glass, lamp housings and high gloss sections of trim which can otherwise be easily broken or scratched rendering them useless.

A custom designed moulded foam dunnage tray reduces damage and part rejection saving time and money on replacements in production and turning breakages into a thing of the past.


Moulded foam dunnage has many benefits compared to other solutions.

  • Less Supply Chain Damage
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Reduced Transport Costs
  • No Surface Damage
  • Impact Protection & Shock Absorption
  • Returnable, Reusable & Recyclable