All the HVAC components Foam Products manufacture have very intricate designs and complicated geometry. These mouldings and their strict tolerances don’t come without a challenge. We have been moulding HVAC components for well over 15 years now and a wealth of knowledge and experience in this sector.

Our HVAC Experience

Our first HVAC customer is now one of our biggest customers who we currently mould over 45 components for.

It was a long time ago but even back in the 90’s these components incorporated:

  • Vac-form skins
  • Injection moulded plastic parts
  • Numerous metal parts on both sides of the moulding

As part of the service as a Secondary Operation we also added self-adhesive seals and foam pads.

The key is to make parts that fit together well, so that air flows cannot escape to atmosphere or mix until required. Foam Products works closely with their customers and tool makers on all these projects to ensure a perfect final product. These HVAC units must perform well to pass tough UK and European testing. They will undergo tests to determine efficiency and tests to prove the products meet high standards for sustainable living and the environment.

Heating Ventilation and Air Con Housing Unit

Heat Recovery

Titon now produce 3 units small HRV1 medium HRV2 and large HRV10. This type of unit has traditionally been supplied to end user in either a sheet metal or rigid plastic case, even when installed in a loft space. Now however the Titon HRV10 has no case so a good surface finish is critical, and the lid on this unit has a textured surface.

The main reason for Titon and Vent-Axia choosing our materials (Titon EPP/ Vent-Axia EPS) is insulation. Heat Recovery Units have separate channels for hot and cold air to pass through these two air flows must be kept apart until they reach the heat exchanger cell.

The moulded parts also serve as housing for internal components like the fans that push/pull the air around, and other vital parts inside the unit. Primary reasons for the use of EPP & EPS for these applications:

  • Superior insulation to any other material
  • Weight reduction of big units
  • Easier manoeuvrability & handling